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Critical insights for Social Impact

Bespoke plans to meet your actual needs

Our Services

Creating Lasting Change through Sustainability Consulting

At The Garden of Values, we value a client-centric approach and tailor our services to meet each client’s unique needs and goals. We utilise various tools and techniques to help organisations achieve sustainability and social impact goals. Additionally, we prioritise communication, collaboration, and partnership with our clients, partners, and stakeholders to foster long-term positive change.
Impact Assessment
Conducting comprehensive assessments that help organisations understand their social and environmental impact.
Sustainability Reporting
Creating sustainability reports for organisations, disclosing their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance to stakeholders.
Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy Development
Helping organisations develop and implement strategies to integrate social responsibility into their operations.
Prototyping and Testing
We work with you to prototype and test your Logic Model to identify areas for improvement and refine your approach.
Sustainability Workshops and Training Programs
Offering workshops and training programs on sustainability and social impact topics.
Speaking Engagements on Sustainability and Social Impact Topics
Speaking on sustainability and social impact topics at events and conferences.
Logic Model Design
We help you design a Logic Model that outlines the specific inputs, activities, outputs, and outcomes needed to achieve your goals.
Strategy Development
Helping organisations create and implement sustainability strategies that align with their goals and values.
Training and Capacity Building
Offering training and capacity-building programs for individuals and organisations interested in sustainability and social impact.
Community Engagement and Development Programs
Designing and implementing programs that engage and empower local communities.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategy Development
Helping organisations develop strategies to promote workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Theory of Change Development
We work with you to identify the key drivers of change and develop a Theory of Change that aligns with your goals and values.
Educational Resources on Sustainability and Social Impact
Providing educational resources on sustainability and social impact topics.
Environmental Sustainability Assessments
Conducting assessments to help organisations understand the environmental impact of their operations and identify opportunities for improvement.
Stakeholder Engagement
Assisting organisations in identifying and engaging with key stakeholders to help them understand the impact of their operations.
Program Design and Implementation
Designing and implementing sustainability programs for organisations, including waste reduction, energy efficiency, and carbon offsetting programs.
Supply Chain Sustainability Assessments
Conducting assessments to help organisations understand the social and environmental impact of their supply chain.
Facilitation for impact

In-person and virtual/hybrid facilitation for effective and impactful collaboration.

Collaborative Projects and Research Opportunities
Collaborating with organisations and researchers to advance sustainability and social impact goals.
Career Coaching and Mentorship in Social Impact and Sustainability
Providing coaching and mentorship to individuals interested in social impact and sustainability careers.
Transforming Business as Usual with Social Impact Consulting

Our Mission

The main issue that The Garden of Values is trying to solve is to help organisations and businesses to integrate sustainable and socially responsible practices into their operations. The agency aims to assist its clients in addressing pressing social and environmental challenges by developing strategies and solutions that align with their values and mission.
The Garden of Values can solve this issue by providing its clients with expert advice, research, analysis, and customised sustainability solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs and goals. The agency’s services include impact assessments, stakeholder engagement, sustainability reporting, and strategy development. By working closely with its clients and taking a collaborative approach, the agency can help them identify and implement innovative solutions that create value for its organisation and positively impact society and the environment.
In addition, The Garden of Values strongly emphasises building long-term relationships with its clients, which allows it to provide ongoing support and guidance as the clients navigate the complex landscape of social and environmental responsibility. By doing so, the agency can solve the immediate issues facing its clients and help them build a sustainable and socially responsible business for the long term.